What’s New on Campus this March-April? (2021)


The Varsity softball team played Mira Monte on 3.20.21.

During the months of March and April at KVHS, sports teams had their first games of the season. Many student-athletes had to choose between various sports that they would normally play because of the conflicts between season start and end dates. Here’s how one athlete felt about this decision:

When asked why he chose football over baseball this year, Kaegen McCarthy (9) said “I like football more and feel like I’m a better football player, and it’s been over a year since I’ve played football up here.”

Students also responded to what they were most looking forward to about upcoming sports seasons and what they want to improve the most.

Varsity softball player Sierra Klase (12) said that she’s “looking forward to the challenges that come this year… and the bond we’re gonna make as a team this year.” Sierra is thankful, as we all are, that we get to play at all this year. She says “You always have to look at the positive side of things no matter what’s happening.”

Tyler Strange (12), a Varsity baseball player, said that he’s”looking forward to being able to play baseball with my friends again. My goal this year is to improve on my batting percentage and my arm strength.”

Tennis player Aislynne Chappell (12) is “looking forward to seeing everyone and having the chance to socialize again.” She wants “to improve on my accuracy when I hit the ball as well as power.”

Another great thing that happened in April was the school’s return to in-person learning. Seniors had the opportunity to come back on the 12th, Freshmen on the 21st, and Juniors and Sophomores on the 28th. Many students took this opportunity to go back to school and learn in person with their teachers. Distance learning has had its ups and downs for everyone, and hopefully, this new change and opportunity will help students throughout the school.