Cinco De Mayo Celebrations


On May 5th, 2023, otherwise known as Cinco De Mayo, KVHS put on a Spanish-themed event to celebrate the holiday. Run by Señora Woodward, the event took place in the Fine Arts Building, having two different showings for South Fork, Wallace, and Kernville students. The shows consisted of songs, dances, and even an Alice In Wonderland play, with everything being performed in Spanish. All students in Señora Woodward’s Spanish classes participated and performed in the shows.

The event started with a traditional Spanish dance, after which the first song of the performance De Colores. Once De Colores finished, another traditional dance, Jarabe Tapatio (also referred to as the Mexican Hat Dance), was performed, along with Es Tiempo Para Celebrar. Soon after, Cumbia Tejana was played and Las Adelitas (a dance based on the women who fought in the Mexican Revolution) followed. Guantanamera and Tranchete were the final song and dance performed before the anticipated Alice In Wonderland Spanish play. Lastly, all classes came together and performed the final song of the two shows La Bamba, ending the event with both a fun experience and an even better performance.