Mr. Munn: Quarter 4 Staff Highlight


Q: How’s your first year at KV?A: “Transition was good, staff and students are both welcoming, which established confidence in my choices to be a teacher at this school”


Q: Are you working hard or hardly working?A: “I work hard when I need to, to get things done so I can relax and be done”


Q: How do you feel about finals coming up?A: “I am highly confident that with the delivery of instruction I have given, that the students will be successful on their approach of studying for and completing their finals”


Q: Out of all the subjects you teach which is your favorite?A: “Science, but it depends on the period. Biology, it was my passion to get a degree into teaching, but biology wouldn’t be biology without chemistry and earth science”


Q: Are you a wizard? (the students want to know)A: “Depends. If I am a wizard, then I can wave my wand and invoke upon you the power of ka-knowledge, so you tell me, am I a wizard?”


Q: Are you aware that you have a fan page?  A: “Yes. First of all, I am aware, but it hasn’t been updated since January, so I wonder if I have fans or not.”


Q: What’s your favorite band?  A: “Depends on my mood. Sometimes it’s Lost Dog Street B ,and sometimes it’s No Effects. Sometimes its Slayer, other times it’s Serious XM Golden Oldies”


Q: What brought you to KV?    A: “Location and the opportunity to be (work) where I live”


Q: What’s your favorite movie?    A: “Nacho Libre ‘NACHOOOO'”