My Outdoor Gym Project

My Outdoor Gym Project

This is my outdoor gym that I’ve been working on. I already had a bar and two 25 pound bumper plates. Then for Christmas I got a bench and some weight molds to make concrete weights. The price of normal weights are crazy expensive. Just for 2 25 pound bumper plates it can cost anywhere from 50$-100$. I don’t know about you but I don’t have that kind of money. So getting the concrete weight molds saved me a lot of money.

I don’t have it set up yet but I’m also going to be putting a punching bag right here. I really like using it to practice boxing and cardio. I had it hanging on the roof right here but it started tearing away at it. So we had to take it down because it was causing damage. There’s also this rope right here I punch to strengthen my knuckles. Because I don’t want to damage my knuckles or wrists I’ll put on gloves when I think I might hurt myself.

I had to take out all of the weeds and remove the majority of rocks, with a metal rake. The most annoying part of doing this was dumping the stuff(rocks, dirt, weeds) off of the hill I live on. The wind would be strong so whenever I tried dumping the stuff off the dirt would fly straight back into my face.

I put these logs up here so I would have a wind block and a little secluded area. But putting them up would be really annoying because of the strong winds and the charcoal. It would make a lot of the charcoal go into my face, especially my eyes, which would make them red. It’s not finished yet, I don’t know how big I plan on it being though.

My end goal for my outdoor gym is to have equipment to workout all parts of my body. I also want to add a pull up bar. Overall though I think I’m pretty close to it being done and I’m going to pour in any extra money I have getting more equipment, and making it nicer.