2021 Super Bowl Recap


On Sunday, February seventh, 2021, the NFL hosted a super bowl game we will never forget. The whole game was full of great plays and suspense. In the first couple minutes of the game, the defense did a three and out, which means that they stopped the offense on third, which led to a fourth down. In the first half of play, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes II, only averaged 26 out of 49 passing attempts, which means that he only had a passing percentage of about 53%, a lower than average percent for the player. The Chiefs’ quarterback only managed to get 270 yards in the super bowl game. Mahomes usually averages above a 300, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ defense did hold them to that amount.

Patrick Mahomes also threw 2 interceptions. He averaged to get 0 touchdowns, which is a career-low for him. The running backs for the Chiefs did have some good plays, though. Clyde Edwards-Helaire averaged 64 yards and was the leading rusher. The tight end, Travis Kelce, averaged to get 10 receptions and 133 yards total. The wide receiver, Tyreek Hill, had seven receptions and 67 yards. The Buccaneers’ defense played fast and aggressively the whole game.  The Bucs’ defense had a plan to attack Mahomes in the backfield. They sacked Mahomes three times for 27 yards in losses. The Buccaneers held the Chiefs to only 3 out of 13 third-down conversions. 

The Buccaneers’ quarterback, Tom Brady, held the Chiefs to 21 out of 24 passes. He also had no interceptions. He averaged to get 201 yards and got 3 touchdowns. In the first half, Brady had 3 touchdown passes, which led his team to such a high score that the Chiefs would never catch up to. The running back, Ronald Jones, had 12 carries and averaged to get 61 yards total. The Buccaneers had a 6 play drive which led to a touchdown. Tom Brady had a 25-yard pass to Rob Gronkowski, which led to Leonard Fournette scoring a 27-yard touchdown. Leonard Fournette averaged 16 carries and 89 yards total.

At halftime, the Buccaneers had better stats than the Chiefs. The Buccaneers had 35 total plays, while the Chiefs only had 30. The Buccaneers had 194 total yards at halftime while the Chiefs only had 124 yards. The Buccaneers’ passing was also better than the Chiefs; they averaged at 16 out of 20 passes, which led to 134 yards and three touchdowns. The Chiefs, however, completed only 9 out of 19 passes, which only led to 67 yards. The rushing for the Buccaneers was 14 for 60, and the Chiefs managed to get a few yards. The first down for the Buccaneers was 18, while the Chiefs only got 9. The Buccaneers’ third-down was 2 for 6, while the Chiefs’ was 1 for 6. The Buccaneers had 1 for 5 yards and the Chiefs had 8 for 95 yards. They didn’t have any turnovers in the first half.

The time of possession for the Buccaneers was 16:41, while the Chiefs’ time of possession was 13:19. The Chiefs managed to get a field goal in every quarter except the fourth. The Buccaneers had a touchdown first quarter, two in the second quarter, a touchdown and a field goal in the third quarter, and nothing in the fourth quarter. The Buccaneers won 31 to 9. The game was definitely one to watch, and will be remembered as one of the greatest triumphs of the Covid-19 era; although both teams could not win, the ability to play at all was certainly a success.