Things We Love About KV (2021)


Since the Kern River Valley was founded in 1776, it has been a loving and growing community. Many people love KV because of how close the people are. This is a small community where everyone knows everyone. We are a big, small family. Another big thing people love about KV is the activities that go on. We have Whiskey Flats, fishing derbies, fairs, and more. Kern Valley is a great place to explore and go sight-seeing. The mountain ranges have many trails and areas that lead to beautiful fun things, such as the hot springs, hidden ranches, and beautiful fields. Here are some things the students have said they love about KV:

Alyssa Bustamante (Junior): “One thing I like about KV is how the teachers and staff are always there for you, especially during this online school period.”

Leanne Pauley (Sophomore): “I like the vending machines at the school.”

Cooper Osorio (Sophomore): “I like there is hardly any traffic and that when I want to go hunting or cut wood, then I only have to travel like 20 minutes.”

Johnny Tedrow (Junior): “I like the administration.”

What do you love most about KV? Email your favorite things about our school and valley to [email protected]!