February Staff Highlight (2021)


This month’s staff highlight, Joelle Watson, started working at Kern Valley High School only one year ago. She is our school’s Clerical Technician, who works mainly in tracking non-engagement in our student body. She works at assisting families and students in truancy and helping in any way she can to get students engaged. Her main goal is to help students and families overcome obstacles that may be causing poor attendance. 

Joelle Watson graduated from Clackamas High School in Oregon. She is hard-working and driven in any task she sets her mind to and is always willing to take on any other project to help students. She is a Southern Oregon State University alumni who minored in theater and dance and majored in communications with a specialization in journalism public relations.

Joelle Watson loves to dance and has opened up a dance studio in Wofford Heights in the past. She plans on possibly starting up again once quarantine is over. She has two daughters, twins, Brooke and Molly Watson who are current juniors at Kern Valley High School. Her daughters say that it’s really nice having their mom at school with them. 

Some fun facts about this month’s staff highlight are that her favorite color is maroon and she loves ring-tailed lemurs. She homeschooled her twins for five years. She’s lived in Oregon, Washington, and California over the course of her life. She’s been married to her husband, Alfred Watson, for 20 years. She is an accomplished artist and loves to make things, especially with beads. Last but not least, she was featured in a rock climbing book as an accomplished climber. The book was written by climber Greg Orton.