Perfect Attendance (2021)

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This year has been crazy, with quarantine, Covid, and more! Although students have been doing online schooling on Zoom, that doesn’t mean students can quit having perfect attendance. This list of people has perfect attendance for this school year so far, attending every Zoom meeting, and working hard.

When asked about how he felt getting perfect attendance, sophomore TJ Sanders states that “It feels good to get perfect attendance considering how hard it is to stay motivated”. I think the readers can agree with that!

Sophomore Kasey Lassen responds with an enthusiastic “I feel great about having perfect attendance! It is most definitely an accomplishment given the technology and Covid-related issues that we must contend with every day. I am proud to have kept up my school routine despite the trials and tribulations of what has now become everyday life”. That should be something you are proud of, each and every student on those lists has worked hard over the course of the school year!

Fortunately for these students, having fun Zooms does help with daily life! Asking Kasey Lassen about her Zooms, and if she thinks they are fun, she replies with a “My Zooms are great! It’s always lovely to see my teachers and a few of my peers; it helps me remember that there is still a normal life somewhere in the future! I really appreciate all of the hard work the KV staff puts into making sure that we are learning and enjoying ourselves in this new environment. (A special shout-out to Mrs. Woodward- her Zoom classes are always highly informative and entertaining!)” As a student myself in Mrs. Woodward’s classes, I can agree that her Zooms are always fun, and she is always prone to making her students laugh with a joke or two!

These people have perfect attendance:


Christian Carvajal

Kassidy Sietsma

John Erick Tarcena

Kevin Rector


TJ Sanders

Kasey Lassen


Brooke Watson

Molly Watson


Aislynne Chappell


We also have some honorable mentions, as these people have only missed one class, which was an excused absence!


Raymond Williams

Kaegen McCarthy

Andrew Parma


Cristian Martinez


Mackenzy Wargo


Angelynne Rollf

McKenna Ennis