Who Has Been KV STRONG this year? (2020)


Congratulations to our KV students who have been STRONG during the trials and tribulations of this year! The following students have earned Bronc Bucks for being Supportive, Together, Resilient, Outgoing, Noteworthy, or Generous!

#Supportive – Jean Bopp and Makhail Mata
#Together – Kassidy Mundy, Preston and Wyatt Haggard, Katilyn Sherril, Lindsay Surprenant, Graciela Vargas, and Kailyn Shiver
#Resilient – Jesse Wagner
#Outgoing – Audrey Martinez, Isaiah Wooley, Brooklynn Robertson, and Ethan Sagun
#Noteworthy – Isaiah Wooley
#Generous – Zackary Wargo, Hailee Kopperman, Christopher Villegas Lopez, Tyler Windham, Alaina Check, Justin Potts

Keep it up Broncs! We appreciate your dedication and hard work during distance learning!