December-January Staff Highlight (2020)

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Our KVHS Staff Highlight to kick off the New Year is Ms. Kristen Kelly! Ms. Kelly is the history teacher of KVHS, and has been working here for about 24 years! She is a hardworking person that loves a good crazy hat. She has definitely been dismayed at this online Zooming, since she can’t cook for her students. Fortunately, she has found ways to keep things fun! Ms. Kelly posts fun, easy recipes every week on her Canvas, and whether it be turkey brownies for Thanksgiving, or some easy and healthy ramen, they make students want to try them!

When asked for a funny story from online schooling, Ms. Kelly says “I have had a lot of things in my classroom such as lambs in diapers, kittens, dogs, and lizards. Now, I can add grandmas, sisters, brothers, Moms, Dads, Aunts, etc…. My favorite is the chicken I had in class. I also loved having students washing dishes and cooking while Zooming.” I think almost everyone can safely say they have learned how to cook new foods during Covid; I know I have!

Ms. Kelly, sporting some interesting headware!

For the New Year, Ms. Kelly’s resolution is to “lose some of the Covid 20 that I have put on eating the items my students would normally be eating for me.” We both agreed that the best thing that could happen this New Year would be to safely go back to school, as almost everyone wants civilization to go back to normal.

As mentioned before, Ms. Kelly loves a good crazy hat! She is most known for having a different crazy hat every day at school, and she has not failed to disappoint. Ms. Kelly can be seen wearing a crazy hat every day on Zoom, providing a sense of normalcy and recognition. She states that her favorite crazy hat is “The What’s-Up, Chicken Butt” because “you can’t see it without smiling or giggling.”

We thank you for being a teacher at KVHS for all these years, and hope more are to come! As you can tell, Ms. Kelly is definitely a staff highlight, especially because she makes online schooling a little more fun!