October Staff Highlight – Mrs. Kirby (2020)


Images courtesy of kernvalley.kernhigh.org and familytimescny.com

English teacher Mrs. Kirby has a message for the students of KVHS. “Read, read, read!” she says. “Pick something you like, and read it! It’s fun!” *

     Enthusiastic and an avid reader, Mrs. Kirby (below) is beginning her second year as a KVHS teacher in the English department. Born and raised in the Kern River Valley, she now inspires positivity, resilience, and a love of reading within her students. She recently received her master’s degree in English through National University, and looks forward to sharing her passion for the English Language Arts with her classes. In addition to teaching, Mrs. Kirby will also be the JV girls basketball coach if KVHS returns to sports this year. An assistant coach last year, Mrs. Kirby exhibited a love not only for the sport, but also for encouraging both the athletic and academic aspirations of the girls on the team.

     Mrs. Kirby’s favorite book of all time is Jane Eyre, and she claims that she is a sucker for both classic English literature and female novelists, making Charlotte Brontë’s acclaimed novel irresistible. When asked where she would go if she could travel anywhere in the world, Mrs. Kirby immediately responded, “Europe”. She would love to experience all of Europe’s countries and culture, especially the delicious food of Italy! When quarantine ends, she can’t wait to be able to travel and go places again.

     “I can’t wait to meet my students face-to-face,” she adds. Mrs. Kirby is excited to cultivate personal relationships with each of her students when we return to school, but in the meantime, she plans to continue impressing upon them the importance of positivity and inner strength. As a teacher who values optimism, empathy, and resilience, she hopes to help her students accomplish their goals by teaching them the most important lesson of all: to never give up.

     People can be surprised by what they are able to accomplish, she states, even during tough circumstances. She believes you are capable of anything, and wishes to tell her students, “Don’t ever give up!”

*If you would like to follow Mrs. Kirby’s suggestion and try out a new book, check out the article written here by one of our other staff members for a few ideas!