September Staff Highlight – Ms. Gutierrez (2020)

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This month’s staff highlight, Ms. Gutierrez, is a hard-working, accomplished teacher who is beginning her second year of instruction in both biology and veterinary science here at KVHS. A UC Davis alumni, she loves animals and working with our school’s FFA program. KVHS’s impressive farm and FFA program were two appealing factors that encouraged Ms. Gutierrez to come work at our school. As a kid, she was an active member of her own school’s FFA program and raised dairy cattle, including her two heifers Pancake and Sparkle in her hometown of Pixley, California.

Ms. Gutierrez was an involved member at her high school, Mission Oaks, and also participated in her school’s dance team, color guard team, and robotics club. A fan of country music and a good book, she dreams of the day when she will accomplish her life’s goal: buying a house with multiple acres so she can let her horses roam freely in the backyard. As of right now, she has two parakeets, Kiwi and Milo, as well as her two dogs, who she spoils endlessly.   

When asked what superpower she would choose if she could have any ability in the world, Ms. Gutierrez answers without hesitation. “Transportation,” she claims, stating that she would love to be able to visit her family conveniently amid her impressively packed schedule. She would also appreciate the ability to speak to animals, believing that it would be useful once in a while to ask her dogs “just what are you growling at this time”?

According to Ms. Gutierrez, she would describe herself as “hardworking, stubborn, and fun-loving”. Dedicated and spirited, she constantly devotes her time to make the learning experiences of her students and FFA members the best that they can be. “My life’s motto is to do no harm and take no abuse,” she states. She encourages everyone to live their lives with compassion, but not be afraid to stick up for themselves every now and then.