Gamers, Unite!: E-Sports at Kern Valley

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Recently, believed to be due to popular demand, Kern Valley has gained an E-sports team. While currently the team is not active, due to being part of the winter sports season, our team has played quite a few matches. This is an interview with the team captain, Sebastian.Q: During your time as the E-sports team captain, how did the KV team do? Was everyone’s ability up to par?

A: The teams struggled the first few matches, but then we won 75% of the matches. Not everyone was very skillful, but we made it work.

Q: Are you glad that Kern Valley provided you with the E-sports opportunity? Are you looking forward to joining next year?

A: Yes, I am. I believe that if the team is presented with the opportunity, I think everyone would do it again.Q: Could you describe how the practices and matches went?

A: Practices were usually around an hour of scrimmages, and games were around 2 hours consisting of 4 rounds(escort the payload, capture the flag, etc.)Q: What role did the captain play exactly on the team?

A: The captain was there to keep the team in order, and make sure everyone was sportsmanlike.Q: What were some skills you felt necessary to lead this team into greatness?

A: Leadership and respect.Q: Are there any other clubs or activities you would like to see, represented, here at KV?

A: No, I don’t think so.