A Haunted Night


The KVHS FFA students are ready to do some barn haunting!

Behind the scenes of the Haunted Barn!

Kern Valley FFA put on a HUGE community event called “haunted barn”. Students, parents, and advisors all participated in helping with the event. The students and advisors spent hours after school putting this all together, and in the end it was all worth it. We received amazing feedback from the community and students!

There were many things to do for all ages! From 7-8pm “Funny Farm” was held for kids to go through the barn and experience it with lights on and no jump scares. They were able to take pictures with the actors and props in the barn.

Alongside the funny farm, we held a carnival section for kids to play games and win fun little prizes!
From 8-10pm, is when the real fun began! This was the start of “Haunted Barn” and we had MANY people come walk through. We received many amazing scares and screams from kids, teens, and even adults! The carnival was also continuing as well as the concession stand. All profit made from this huge went directly towards the FFA program. We plan on using these funds to continue holding fun events and making our FFA chapter even bigger and better than before! Stay tuned for more FFA events ! P.S. HUGE thanks to all our participants , actors, parents, and advisors!! This couldn’t have happened without you!

Events coming up :
January Chapter meeting
KI speaking contest

A frightening face!