Running Up That Hill…


The Cross Country Team, pictured above, has dominated this fall season!

Cross-country is a high-competition, no breaks sport that requires commitment, team effort, and a ton of running and running. At KVHS, our cross-country teams put in their all to run at some of the highest levels seen in Kern County. Each team member is passionate about the sport and all cooperate in a team effort to perform at their best.  When interviewed and questioned about various topics regarding the sport, the team had many different responses that show their commitment and enjoyment of the sport.

Daniel Hinkey, a freshman athlete, has been a formidable opponent this season!

Q: How do you feel about cross-country as a sport?

Jackson Weghorst: It’s a fun sport; it’s a lot of hard work and it’s very tiring, but there are many benefits from it.

Sebastian Stallone: It’s fun; everyone is open and supportive.

Freshman Ella Mauer gives it her all while competing in the Mammoth meet.

Q: What pushed you to get engaged in the sport?

Tristan Beckham: Being fit for activities and/or sports like soccer.

Daniel Hinkey: My brother did it for 4 years, to get in shape for basketball, and it’s also fun.

Kassandra Guarneros: I didn’t make the volleyball team, so I decided to try something new.

Q: What is the #1 tip you would recommend for those interested in cross-country?

Jack Montgomery: Don’t get into your head. It’ll start hard, but don’t be afraid to push.

Ella Mauer: Don’t give up; it’s all a mental game.

Nolan Wicker: It’s hard; you want to train ahead and be prepared.

Cross-country is, it seems, a sport backed by determination, hard work, and most importantly, as expressed by our cross-country team themselves, teamwork.  It’s a hard sport that our team puts much, much effort in, and they keep impressing us as the season continues.