Art Through the Ages


Art dates back to before written language. People have been expressing ideas, stories, and history through art for senteries. Over these many years, different art styles have emerged including but not limited to…

Abstract: by Tom Fedro

Modern: by Kooness

Cubism: by Christina Panou

Realism: Melissa Cooper


Comic: Robert Marzullo

Many, many more styles exist; these are only a few. Often times we’ll recognize the Manga art style from anime or mangas and comic art style from comic books (mostly superheroes). At our school there sadly aren’t any art classes but many of the students still draw. After observing and interviewing a few students the most common art styles used at our school are Comic and Manga. If you are an artist and would like to share your art please submit it to the newspaper! Submit to Kasey Lassen- [email protected].