The Winter Season


The official beginning of winter for this year is December 21st. With winter comes a shift in weather; there’s more rain or snow and colder temperatures. During this winter season, we can look forward to a few season-specific activities. 

For a school-related activity, this is right in the middle of winter sports seasons. At our school these include basketball, cheer, soccer, and wrestling. For more information on sports-related things, read the sports article. Along with the sports offered at our school, there are other winter sports including snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, hockey, sledding, and more. During break is the perfect time to try new things and the local ski hill, Alta Sierra, has gotten about six feet of snow and rents skiing and snowboarding equipment. 

During this time there are a few holidays, starting with most people’s favorite: Christmas! After talking with a few students about what they got for Christmas, clothes or shoes seem to have been the most common gift. Soon after Christmas, New Year comes. Welcome, 2022! In February, we have Valentine’s day and St. Patrick’s day March 12  to end winter. Winter ends on March 20th. Hope everyone had a fantastic winter break and welcome back to school!