A Kern Valley Christmas


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Happy Holidays everyone!! During the Christmas season, most people have their favorite things to do, such as setting up and decorating the tree, stringing lights on the house, ice-skating, hanging out with family and friends, and more.

To get into the Christmas spirit, the KVHS Newspaper has asked our valley’s local education staff what their favorite Christmas or holiday movies are, and why. Many responses came back in, with a wide variety and some pretty meaningful stories.

Starting with our very own Kern Valley High School Principal, Mr. John Meyers claimed that his favorite Christmas movie changed as he grew older. When he was a child it was the cartoon version of The Abominable Snowman, a movie that “wasn’t sappy” as he says. But things soon changed when he became older, more mature, and finally, a father. When Mr. Meyers became a Dad, his favorite movie then changed. He states, “When I became a dad, it was A Christmas Story.” He then goes on to explain, “It is pretty close to my life growing up. The BB gun, the dad, the clothes, the snow, all very similar to my life in Spokane, Washington in the late 1960s and early 1970s.”  This movie is great to watch with the kids and most definitely brings a smile to our Principal’s face!

Switching things over to Kernville Elementary School, we had a wide variety of great responses.  Two of the teachers there agreed on the movie Elf (with Will Ferrell). Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Tito states that “I love so many it’s hard to decide but my top would be Elf because it’s funny and makes me laugh every time. Also at the top is The Polar Express. I love the animation and Tom Hanks.” Mrs. Forbes agrees, saying, “My favorite is Elf. I love his positive energy for life and the song Baby It’s Cold Outside. I enjoy singing along!” (This is my own personal favorite as well, as Ferrell makes me crack-up every time). On the other hand, Mrs. Mauer likes the old movie Planes, Trains, and Automobiles because “although this movie is set around the Thanksgiving holiday, my family watched it every year on Christmas. I have memories of 14 of us piled into my grandma’s living room that had seating for 6 and laughing at the same jokes year after year. Although we have had loved ones pass away over the years, it is still a tradition I do with my kids!” Similar to Mr. Meyers, she enjoys Christmas traditions and shares them with her own children.

The Christmas spirit is present in all of these diverse movies. The wide variety of favorites just shows how everyone is unique and views Christmas differently! The staff of the Kern Valley High School Newspaper would like to just say Happy Holidays to everyone!! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


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