Mr. Goffinet: Quarter 1 Staff Highlight

Mr. Goffinet: Quarter 1 Staff Highlight

Interviewer: “Favorite Food and why?”

Goffinet: “Ooh, that’s hard. My favorite food is barbecue because I like a lot of food as you can tell”

Interviewer: “Why did you get into teaching?”

Goffinet: “I wanted to be helpful and to do service, I enjoyed my high school experience and thought I could make a difference in others”

Interviewer: “If you dress up for halloween, what would you wear this year?”

Goffinet: “The chimney sweep outfit from Mary poppins, to match the theme of the party I’m going to.”

Interviewer: “Thoughts on Pineapple on Pizza?”

Goffinet: “No thank you. Except on spicy pizza, I don’t mind it.”

Interviewer: “How do you like your steak?”

Goffinet: “Well, if it’s a fatter piece, medium rare, and if it’s lean, rare”

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