May-June Staff Highlight (2021)


After a crazy, mostly-quarantined year, the last month of school is finally here! To celebrate, our staff highlight is Mr. Goffinett! Also known as G, he’s the English teacher and football coach of our very own KVHS. Missing students, G is glad that he got to spend a little time with students in person. “It’s been great having students in class again. I didn’t realize I missed so many faces until I started seeing them in the hallway. It started to make things seem almost normal.” 

Taking into account how wonky this past year has been, with students doing online schooling and going on Zooms, G changes the lesson plans to accommodate his students. “There are some things that I have done that I wouldn’t label as fun, but certainly interesting.  With my writing assignments this year, I allowed a lot more personal responses.  Again, I’m not sure it was fun, but it was valuable in getting to know some of them.  It’s something I took for granted while teaching only in person.  Another thing I think is noteworthy is that the seniors were able to learn Dante mostly via distance learning.  That’s a pretty difficult text to do, so I’m really proud of them.” 

Mr. and Mrs. Goffinett.

Of course with everything being online, there are technical problems, and a lot of them are more funny than irritating. Laughing it off, G states “Some of the funnier things that have happened lately are technology related.  I’m really good at talking to the class with my microphone muted, and not just for a couple of seconds.  I also discovered all of the “filters” on Zoom, so I spent a week or two teaching with a virtual halo over my head.   On the chat, especially in my 3rd period, I have learned so much about students and their interests, but mostly I have learned about various types of Asian comics/art.  While it’s very interesting, it made me realize that there are things I just don’t need to know about.”

This year has been the one where students can really figure out the things they like, and what they like to do and share it with the world. Teachers are learning about more random things, such as G with Asian comics and art, and have fun while at it!

Thank you G for all your hard work this year! It’s been tough, but you did it amazingly! We appreciate you, and everything you’ve done! Take a break this summer, you earned it!