November Staff Highlight (2020)

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     Kenny Bushling has been at Kern Valley High School for quite some time. He has been working there for nearly 25 years and has worked in various jobs around campus including as a coach, history teacher, and librarian. Bushling was a student at Kern Valley High School and graduated in 1987 before attending Idaho State University. He has been able to see the school change in tremendous ways over a long span of time.

     Bushling is busy outside of school as well; he enjoys mountain biking, paddle boarding, camping, hiking, and any activities that take place outdoors. When asked about how Covid-19 has affected him, Bushling explained, “Normal activities are limited. But on a positive note, we are able to spend more time as a family and do more family-centered activities such as camping.”

   He described how he loves to interact with the students at the school, whether that is through being a coach, teacher, or librarian. He has made numerous memories at the school, but his favorite was being able to experience the first-ever CIF Championship for boys basketball in 2016. “I love seeing the kids leaving Kern Valley with a plan,” he says. Bushling encourages students to work hard in order to pursue their dreams whether it’s through college, military, trade school, etc.