November Current Events (2020)

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     The month of November was jam-packed with events and changes that altered life not only in our own Kern River Valley, but across the nation. As the year 2021 rapidly approaches, our country found itself face-to-face with many important events; primarily, the 2020 presidential election. After months of anticipation and build-up, America chose Joe Biden as its 46th president this November, but not without a few unique moments along the way, as one might expect given the unprecedented effects of the  Coronavirus Pandemic.

     According to the Washington Post, this year’s presidential election experienced more American votes than previously seen in the past 100 years. Turnout records- all-time high numbers of American voters in a presidential election- were broken in 39 states, and several more states are predicted to surpass their previously held records as well (Washington Post). Other records were also broken this year, including the election of multiple diverse candidates unique in race, gender, and sexual orientation to positions in Congress. With the promise of a Covid-19 vaccine in the coming months, 2021 will likely be a year of great change and innovation as our country unites to battle this virus.

     In other news, Kern County was reclassified as a Purple Tier county this month, as Covid-19 cases spiked around the world. According to CNN, United States Coronavirus counts topped 190,000 cases this month, which is a new daily high. Transitioning back into a Purple Tier will result in much more restrictive guidelines for the county, especially as travel induced by the holiday season approaches. Bakersfield’s news station, KGET, reports that on November 13th, California released travel advisories that cautioned Californians against travel without necessity, and requested 14-day quarantines for those who are arriving from other states or countries. Most schools and nonessential businesses will be closed or limited as well as these protective guidelines are put into place.

     The month of November is also host to a few notable holidays. The Kern River Valley celebrated Veterans’ Day on the 11th and Thanksgiving on the 26th of the month, although the holiday festivities were muted due to the travel restrictions placed upon the county at this time. Despite the numerous challenges of Covid, however, the community worked hard to commemorate its veterans; Kern Valley High School’s CSF club wrote letters to veterans to thank them for their service, and Kern Valley’s Daughters of the American Revolution group (DAR) hosted an event honoring our country’s bravest men and women. With the rest of the holiday season just around the corner, one can expect to see quite a bit more excitement for our valley in the coming months.