September-October Staff Highlight (2021)


To kick off the new school year, our first staff highlight is Mrs. Mundy!! English and speech teacher at KVHS for 9 years, but 15th year overall, Mrs. Mundy knows how to have a fun and peaceful classroom. 

Quarter 1 just ended about a week ago, and when asked about how her school year is going so far, how her first quarter went, Mrs. Mundy states “How have I enjoyed this year so far: I have enjoyed being able to go to games and activities like volleyball, cross country, and football that we haven’t had in a while. It’s an adjustment to being in school everyday but I have enjoyed getting to know all the students better since I see them every day.” I think we can all agree that it’s been very refreshing to actually be able to attend Friday night home-football games! 

With being back to in-person, Mrs. Mundy takes advantage of this opportunity to provide fun in-class activities, discussions, and more! For example, one time her first-period class sat their chairs around in a huge circle and had a discussion about monsters and horror movies. (Don’t worry, this was for schoolwork!) It was super fun, and all the kids had a blast! This is just one of the examples of a fun classroom Mrs. Mundy provides for her students.

Along with fun activities, Mrs. Mundy helps her Seniors out with college and scholarship preparations. During this stressful time for the Class of 2022, she has been able to provide great information about what they should be doing. Without her, more kids would have no idea what to do for college, and we just wanted to say thank you for this!!

Mrs. Mundy and her husband, both KVHS employees!

When asked about how she felt returning back to school in person, Mrs. Mundy replies, saying “Thoughts on returning to school: I’m excited to be back. I think it’s important for kids to be in school and in person. There are so many limitations to distance learning. The whole school experience is just better when we are in person.” As she said, it’s been very important, socially and academically, for most students to return back to school in person. Mrs. Mundy’s Classroom 9 has been a peaceful class that students have been able to relax, study, and have fun in. 

Kern Valley High School would like to thank Mrs. Mundy for all that she has done for the students! We appreciate all the work she’s put in, and her students really love her class!