February Current Events (2021)

February Current Events (2021)

This February, many things have begun to change in the midst of the pandemic, including the elementary students returning to school, Alta Sierra Ski Resort opening, Whiskey Flats Weekend, vaccine disbursement phases, and even students obtaining perfect attendance despite the change in the learning environment.

The students attending the Wallace and Kernville Elementary Schools returned to school on February 9th. All students ranging grade TK-8 must follow certain restrictions including wearing face masks at all times and daily screenings in the morning. The parents were given the choice to either send their children back to school or keep them on distance learning.

In other news, the Alta Sierra Ski Resort opened up this month. As a result of Covid, they are limiting the number of people that can attend by selling pre-sale tickets. You can buy these tickets online at their website and you must show your receipt at the ticket office. Covid limitations still apply and a face mask must be worn.

The 64th Annual Whiskey Flat Days took place on President’s day weekend and was put on by the owners of the Rodeo Grounds. The Kernville Chamber of Commerce announced the cancellation of Whiskey Flats due to the multiple closures this month. The vendors set up shop at the Rodeo Grounds in Kernville on the private property, allowing the event to carry on. Many people from all over came to attend the annual event.

The first COVID vaccine shot was given in December of 2020 and has begun getting dispersed in phases based on various factors including jobs and age. But it also depends on the county of the residents. We are currently in Phase 1b which includes:

  • Individuals 65 years and older who are now in the process of getting vaccinated
  •  Those at risk of exposure at work in:
  • Education
  • Childcare
  • Emergency Services
  • Food and Agriculture

Despite the change in the learning environment, nine students at Kern Valley High School have had perfect attendance including some of our reporters. To read more about these hard-working kids, click here.