The Track Stars of Kern Valley High!


The track team at Bakersfield College (March 3rd, 2023).

This year’s spring season has brought another promising track season for the students of Kern Valley High School. Many of them return amongst fresh faces with a determination to create a winning streak after last year’s HDL championship, secured by a season’s worth of hard work. The team’s fire has already shone this previous Friday, where the team traveled to Bakersfield College to compete against all of the schools within the Kern High School District. This meet, though long before the league season, was a judge of progress for the athletes, who were able to see their official times, heights, and distances. Many of them saw immediate improvements, which can be attributed to the renewed interest in their sport, drawing attention to what was previously overlooked. This new attention resulted in the appointment of Coach Landry, who now coaches the throwers of the team and completes the trinity of the coaching staff alongside Coaches Mr. and Mrs. Mixon. As the season goes on, these three coaches and their athletes ecstatically look forward to the future and are eager to attain a second championship.