KV Friday Night Lights


Senior KV captains Dominick Mental, Bryan Hernandez, Derrick Hinkey, and Josh Papp prepare to meet with the Cal City Ravens captains.

Cameron Thomas (11), Ryan Gayman (12), and Teague Abatemarco (9) prepare to take on the Arvin Bears.

Being a first time varsity football player has been an experience unlike any other. This group of boys created a family environment. If one person has problems multiple players will instantly want to check on them and help however they can. If someone is being shoved in the game after the whistle whoever is on the field instantly goes to back them up and side with them and protect them. The captains of this football team, Josh Papp and Derrick Hinkey, are the reasons why everyone is so close. They bring everyone together and are always giving it 100% which makes other people give 100% to back them up. Without the leaders on this team always giving their all, we would not be where we are today. After starting with a 0-3 win-loss record, the Broncs have stormed back and are now 3-3.

Hunter Watts (11), TJ Sanders (12), and Kyle Denys (11) survey the field during an intense home game against Rosamond.

Senior quarterback Josh Papp has led this charge with 138.7 passing yards and with 38.7 yards on the ground per game. Freshman Aiden Madden and Sophomore Deegan Lee have been the safety blankets for Papp with 13 and 12 receptions respectively. Senior Daimon Dedmon and Junior Hunter Watts have been Papp’s deep threats with 346 yards and 144 yards combining for 7 touchdowns.

On the defensive side, Senior linebackers Thomas Henry and Derrick Hinkey have been the heart and soul of this defense, combining for 128 total tackles. In the secondary, Sophomore Bryce Smoot has been phenomenal with 3 interceptions and shutting down the opposing teams’ passing games along with Junior Hunter Watts.

We are so excited to see all of you come out and support the Seniors for Senior night (October 21st) and cheer on your Kern Valley Broncs in hopes of winning the league title!

In the words of senior captain Derrick Hinkey, “It’s not about the size of the team. It’s about the size of the fight in the team.”